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Other Continuing Education:
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Long Term Care Webinar Series:  A Priority Focus-Key Issues of Importance

Long term care leaders are immersed in ever-changing guidance and the challenges of your daily operations. This series will provide an opportunity for long term care leaders to gain invaluable insights into key topics for the benefit of your organization, your staff, and of most importance, your residents.

Who Should Attend
This program offers topics of interest for administrators, social services, activities, marketing, and your management team.

Webinar Schedule
The webinar series will be available on demand with each module available on the dates listed below, following the live webinar.  

Registration Information and Fees
Register HERE. Each registrant requiring CEU credit will need to register individually. $80 per registration for the 6-part webinar series. 

Continuing Education Credit
This program has been approved by Continuing Education for 6 participant hours by NAB/NCERs, 6 – 1 hour modules. Approval code: 20220525-6-A75550-DL

Webinar Information
For additional information contact,, 405-262-5262.

Module 1: A Person-Centered Approach to Care
Available on demand beginning Monday, May 31
Providers receive guidance from CMS, CDC, and OSDH. Often it is noted that providers are to take a “person-centered” approach in addressing compliance issues. This session will explore what this means, how it must be interpreted, documented, and implemented.
Speaker: Diana Sturdevant, Ph.D., University of Oklahoma Fran and Earl Ziegler School of Nursing

Module 2: Emerging from COVID-19 Quarantine: What Did We Learn?
Available on demand beginning Monday, June 7
Providers have weathered many challenges in the COVID 19 pandemic but one significant impact was that of social isolation. This session will explore the phenomenon of social isolation, what was learned, and how to prepare for any future occurrence to avoid any issues of social isolation.
Rebecca Koszalinski, Ph.D., University of Oklahoma Fran and Earl Ziegler School of Nursing

Module 3: A Policy and Funding Update for Long Term Care
Available on demand beginning Monday, June 14
This session will offer the latest updates relating to legislation and funding. Providers will receive a comprehensive review of the new legislation just enacted that will impact long term care. State funding, special federal funding, and initiatives to address long care moving forward will be outlined.
Speakers: Mary Brinkley, James Joslin, LeadingAge Oklahoma

Module 4: Strategies for Rebuilding Occupancy and Positioning for the Future
Available on demand beginning Monday, June 21
Learn key components of a recovery plan and organizational strategies to move your operations forward. Solutions will include how you can assess your operations and develop a plan to strengthen your operations in the new normal for the long term care profession.
Speaker:  Sharon Thole, Darrin Hull, Tom Stitt, Health Dimensions Group

Module 5: Long Term Care Survey Process: Status, Findings, and Takeaways
Available on demand beginning Monday, June 28
The Oklahoma State Department of Health will provide an update on the survey processes underway. Providers will learn of the top deficiencies, the timelines for provider surveys, and most importantly, some of the success stories after a challenging year with COVID-19.
Beverly Clark, Oklahoma State Department of Health

Module 6: The Frontline Workforce Crisis: Old Challenges, Tested Strategies, New Opportunities
Available on demand beginning Monday, July 4
One area that was greatly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic is workforce. The challenges existed pre-COVID-19, but have now escalated to an unprecedented level. Every provider has a stake in the workforce recruitment and retention crisis.  This session will explore this issue, offer direction for providers, and explore opportunities for the future.
Speaker: Kezia Scales, Ph.D., PHI

Webinar Brochure

On Demand Fair Housing Webinar Series

In these uncertain times, Housing leaders are immersed in ever changing guidance and the challenges of your daily operations. Over the course of 3 weeks, this series will provide an opportunity for Housing staff to gain invaluable insights into essential topics for the benefit of your organization, your staff, and of most importance, your tenants.

Who Should Attend
This program offers topics of interest for Housing Administrative, Leasing, Housekeeping, Maintenance and all other staff.

Registration Information & Fees
Register HERE Fees are per person. Registration instructions and handout materials will be sent to the registrant upon registration.

  • $75 per person for the complete 3-webinar series.

Speaker Information
Kathelene (Kathi) Williams, Fair Housing Institute
Ms. Williams is a partner in the firm of Williams Edelstein Tucker, P.C. providing defense and preventative representation for the housing industry in all civil rights matters. Kathelene also is a founding partner of the Fair Housing Institute, Inc. a full-service online training firm whose mission is to provide convenient and affordable fair housing education to the housing industry throughout the country. Ms. Williams represents housing industry clients from throughout the country on fair housing and other civil rights matters. In addition to her responsibilities as an attorney, Ms. Williams is a nationally known fair housing trainer, providing training to private housing providers, associations, and government entities throughout the country for the past thirty-five years.

Refund Policy
50% credit will be issued if cancellation is emailed within 48 hours of registration.  All cancellation and substitution requests must be emailed to

Program Description

Module 1: Fair Housing Update for Administrative, Leasing and All Other Staff   Part 1 

This session will cover the Fair Housing Act for administrative, leasing and all other staff.  Topics of covered is landlord harassment, criminal records (the do’s and don’ts), the Supreme Court’s expansion of the definition of sex to include sexual orientation and gender identify. COVID -19 issues including terminations during the moratorium. A view of the requirements for providing reasonable accommodations for challenging residents will also be covered.
Speaker: Kathelene (Kathi) Williams, J.D., Fair Housing Institute

Module 2: Fair Housing Update for Administrative, Leasing, and All Other Staff  Part 2

The COVID 19 pandemic took our nation by surprise. The goal quickly became the protection of older adults and those with co-morbidities. There was tension between safety and autonomy in long term care facilities prior to this pandemic. This has escalated as COVID 19 mitigation has impacted standards like “Resident Rights.” This presentation will explore the balancing of physical and mental health of residents with their safety.
Speaker: Kathelene (Kathi) Williams, J.D., Fair Housing Institute

Module 3: Fair Housing Update for Administrative, Leasing and All Other Staff Part 3

The world has changed but our mission in the senior living profession remains the same! This session will discuss the federal protected categories, fairness and consistency in treatment of residents, incident reporting, communication, limited English proficiency, reasonable modifications, sexual harassment, claims in housing communities and how to prevent claims
Speaker: Kathelene (Kathi) Williams, J.D., Fair Housing Institute

Webinar Brochure

The Stability Zone: Finding Peace in the Middle of Chaos

An online series that will benefit you and your entire team moving forward.

The Stability Zone is a go-at-your-own-pace, online program that is brimming with my very best stress-busting advice! Just like Fearless in the Face of Crisis, this course contains quick, easy-to-implement actions in bite-sized videos. The Stability Zone is the main course, the pièce de résistance, to get leaders full of stress-free hacks and JOY, delicious joy! One of the best parts of The Stability Zone is that leaders can share this joy by teaching their teams how to banish their stress for good too!  

What comes with The Stability Zone?

  • Lifetime access to The Stability Zone online course and all the stress-busting hacks!
  • 6.75 total NAB and SHRM continuing education credits for completion of The Stability Zone.
  • $67 savings on our other beloved online course, Fearless in the Face of Crisis! We truly want leaders to have it all, so we’re offering our other beloved course for just $180. It’s available exclusively on the checkout page for The Stability Zone.

What’s the Curriculum?

Through quick videos, that total 6 hours of content, we will walk attendees through the tried-and-true remedies to manage and banish stress, for good. The videos are self-directed and can be watched anytime, anywhere! And all attendees have lifetime access so they can go back and re-watch content whenever they want! There is nothing like this available to leaders in healthcare!

Module 1: Getting Started

  • The first steps of any journey are often the hardest. This module focuses on why and how you should take those steps away from a life of busyness, away from the SOC (stress, overwhelm, chaos) of it all, and towards a place that anchors you, allowing more joy, peace, and calm in.

Module 2: Burnout be Gone!

  • Avoiding burnout is a personal journey. In this module, you will learn how by tuning in to your emotions and taking small steps, in a manner that works for you, to help you steer clear of burnout and exhaustion for good. 

Module 3: Looking Back

  • We can’t help it; we are shaped by our past experiences. In this module, you will learn how to address some of those old hurts, traumas, and failures, so they don’t continue to impact your health and wellness in the here, now, and beyond.

Module 4: Looking Forward

  • The lens through which you see the world really matters. This module focuses on how embracing life’s ups and downs with an attitude of gratitude, fascination, and humor can whittle away at the stress, overwhelm, and anxiety you feel.

Module 5: Your Environment of Possibility

  • Your personal spaces are constantly and unconsciously influencing you. This module focuses on how filling those places in which you dwell with joy, interest, order, and calm can maximize the peace you feel everyday.  

Module 6: Sharing the Spark with Others

  • This lifestyle is addictive and contagious. After getting there yourself, you will want to teach your team members how to get to The Stability Zone too! This module shows you how to do that, with a focus on simplicity and sustainability as the keys to success. 

 Our Hopes for This One-of-a-kind Course

We want to make this information easy for attendees to translate into action. That’s why each lesson was created around actions that can be put into play immediately for immediate stress reduction! Plus, the content can be taught to teams to make a huge impact on the health and sanity of the whole unit—gosh, even the whole organization! Imagine that?!

We want leaders to take this challenging time and turn it into an opportunity to learn life skills they can always rely on to be their healthiest—physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally! We believe they can make a different life for themselves, one of more joy and less stress, and we want them to believe in themselves by:

  • Watching short videos on their own schedule
  • Completing worksheets for each of the 6 modules
  • Enjoying bonus content for deeper learning
  • Teaching teams how to get and stay healthy too!


Pricing for the entire program, including handouts, and lifetime access is $247. There is an option to bundle both the Fearless course and The Stability Zone for $427 ($67 discount off of Fearless.) Additionally, those of your members who already own Fearless have the option to buy The Stability Zone for $180 (a $67 discount for The Stability Zone.)

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who leads! Leaders, managers, supervisors from the frontline to the C-Suite will benefit from this comprehensive and stress-busting program!

Flexibility in Delivery

Providers can watch content on their own time, at their own pace! Online programming makes this a user-friendly experience for all learners.

Drive Faculty

Denise Boudreau-Scott, MHA, LNHA

Registration Link

This link is where you can learn about the course and click to buy! Follow this link to a landing page that shares information about the program and includes a “Register Now” button.

Your health and sanity are non-negotiables, and with this course you will finally have the strategies to make them a priority, on your own terms. No one should wait for a wake-up call to make themselves a priority! This course helps put you in control of your health and sanity. It’s all about getting to The Stability Zone

Fearless in the Face of Crisis: A Leadership Webinar Series

5-Part Webinar Series- On Demand

Module 1: Encourage the Heart
Module 2: Model the Way
Module 3: Challenge the Process
Module 4: Enable Others to Act
Module 5: Inspire a Shared Vision

Now more than ever leaders need to be FEARLESS. Why fearless? Because those who are leaders and supervisors must lead and inspire others in these challenging times. This brings a sense of “we can do this,” which brings the organization together.

Fearless in the Face of Crisis will walk long term care professionals through step-by-step, relevant actions that they can use immediately to lead with positivity and confidence. This is exactly what is needed to motivate staff through these uncertain, ever changing times. So, expect tips, hope, and enjoyment because information alone isn’t enough; people must be inspired to use it.

This webinar series would be an excellent resource for staff in-service training. Once purchased, you have on-going access to the webinar series.


Denise Boudreau-Scott, LNHA, MHA, President of Drive
Denise Boudreau-Scott is President of Drive, which helps aging services organizations improve the resident and staff experience and the bottom-line through more engaged leaders and employees.

Arleen Smith, RN
Arleen is a Leadership & Engagement Consultant with Drive and has over 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry. Arleen is trained as a 3-star coach in LEAN methodology and is a Six Sigma green belt.

Registration Fee:

$247 per facility connection for the complete 5-webinar series. This series is on demand with lifetime access.

Note: Upon completion of all 5 modules and a very brief quiz at the end of each module, 5.75 CEU credits will be awarded to the registrant only and reported to NAB.

Each registrant requiring CEUs will need to register individually.

This program has been approved for Continuing Education for 5.75 total participant hours by NAB/NCERS – approval #20210614-5.00-A67173-DL

Online Registration at

Printable brochure



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Long Term Care Webinar Series: Timely Topics for Challenging Times
Six-Part Webinar Series – 3 Modules Remain (Modules 4-6)

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Fearless in the Face of Crisis:  A virtual Leadership Retreat
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COVID-19 & Engagement: How to Win the War with Wellness
June 5, 2020
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Webinar – MDS Updates: October 2019 RAI Manual Updates
Monday, September 23, 2019
2:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.