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Assisted Living

Assisted living offers a variety of services for those who need daily assistance but do not require constant nursing care. Although there is no uniform model, assisted living facilities emphasize the resident’s autonomy and independence in selecting those services the resident desires.

Only facilities licensed by the Oklahoma State Department of Health are legally authorized to provide services, and may be part of a retirement community, nursing home, senior housing development or may stand alone.

Services Available

Typical services include daily meals, weekly housekeeping, laundry and supervision of self-medication.

Most facilities also provide special diets, medication administration, and assistance with eating, bathing, toileting, dressing and walking. A few also provide Alzheimer’s care.

Most offer private rooms with full bathrooms — many with a separate bedroom


The cost of assisted living is paid by residents and their families. Many facilities employ a dual-rate system — a basic charge for a uniform package of services and a separate charge for specialized services. In a limited number of situations, part of the cost may be met by long-term care insurance.

Factors to Consider

  • Is the facility licensed?
  • What are the qualifications and number of staff? When is a nurse on duty?
  • What is the criteria for admission?  How is the need for services determined? What are the responsibilities of the resident? family? facility?
  • What services are included in the basic plan, and what services are available for an additional fee?
  • Can the facility meet the health needs if the individual requires more care after admission? At what cost?
  • How are ongoing health needs determined? What is the procedure for monitoring care needs and administering medication?
  • When and how often are meals provided? Does the unit have cooking privileges? Does the facility provide special diets? Is there a separate charge for meals delivered to a room?
  • Are the facility’s scheduled activities of interest? Is there transportation for recreation, shopping or medical appointments?
  • What religious/spiritual programs are offered?
  • Under what circumstances is it necessary to leave? Does the facility assist in relocation?