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Adult Day Services Program

Adult Day Service programs are designed to assist older adults to remain in their own homes and/or to assist family members in coping with their the responsibilities of care giving. The program assists participants in sustaining or improving self-sufficiency as they benefit from involvement in organized activities and social interaction with others. The caregiver receives the benefit of knowing that their loved ones are properly cared for while they carry out their daily activities.

Services Available

Adult day services is a comprehensive program that provides a variety of health, social and related support services in a protective setting during the day and for less than 24 hours. Not all services are available at all centers. Meals, activities, nursing assessment and health monitoring, transportation, bathing, social services, exercise programs and educational activities are some of the most common services offered.


The cost of services varies depending on the types of services requested. Services vary from one center to another, with additional services such as bathing provided at additional cost. The Department of Human Services, Advantage Program, and Veterans Administration provide funding for eligible participants.

Factors to Consider

  • What are the credentials of staff providing services? Are they bonded?
  • What are the credentials of staff providing services? Are they bonded?
  • What grievance/appeal procedure exists if there is a complaint?
  • How long has the community service provider or the sponsoring organization been in existence?
  • What specific services are provided and at what cost? Are there more appropriate and less costly alternatives available?
  • What circumstances govern the discontinuance of services? Does the provider help the individual in securing other services if warranted?

For a listing of available adult day centers, refer to the Directory tab.