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LeadingAge Oklahoma recognizes our members are best positioned to help legislators understand the issues that senior living providers face. That’s why we maintain a strong grassroots advocacy program to help educate elected officials and candidates for office about the needs of elder Oklahomans and the role legislators can play in helping meet those needs. 

Our standing as the leading statewide association on senior living is a testament to our unyielding emphasis on doing what’s right for our members and the seniors they serve.

With more than 100 years of combined public policy experience, our advocacy team has a proven record of effectiveness.


        Legislative Report Regular and Special Sessions of the 59th Legislature 2023 (PDF)

        Addendum to 2023 Final Legislative Report – 2023 Interim Studies (PDF) 

        What Is the Health Information Exchange? 2023-08-08 (PDF)



Review and Comment on Oklahoma Rulemaking

Be sure to subscribe to agency rulemaking/policy pages so that you will receive notices of upcoming rulemaking and updates. Agency rulemaking notices are typically published from September to December in order to allow for the required 30 day comment period, agency adoption and submittal to the Governor and Legislature by mandated April 1st submittal deadline for consideration by the currently convened legislature. However, emergency rulemaking may occur at any time and typically occurs after new laws have been adopted that require rulemaking.

Below are links to our primary regulatory agencies and their rulemaking notice websites.


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Participate in the latest national advocacy initiatives. Your voice matters. LeadingAge maintains relationships across Washington, DC, to ensure that policymakers understand how to best craft and support legislation and regulation to support aging services, older adults, and families across the country—and we need you to tell your story. Use the pre-drafted message links to help us motivate and influence policymakers and the future of aging services. Take action today!

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