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The PACE, Programs of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly, program of services is a model for consumers to consider as they investigate long-term care options.  PACE works in partnership with participants/caregivers providing integrated TEAM based care All-inclusive health management, individual choices and Quality of life as primary participant goals.  PACE has contracts or forms partnerships with Home Health agencies, Assisted Living or Senior apartment complexes. If an individual over age 55 (in the PACE service area) is considering Adult Day Health services, Home Health, Assisted Living, or Senior apartment living with assistance, PACE may be an option to investigate.

As an all-inclusive care program, those enrolling in the program must agree for the PACE center to be their primary medical provider and will provide  all prescribed medications, therapy, nutrition counseling, home health services, social activities, transportation, laboratory services, social services, medical equipment, hospitalization, nursing care and adult day health services. The primary care physician leads a team of health care providers and specialists in the care of each participant.

Oklahoma currently has 3 PACE centers, serving 13 counties in Oklahoma: Cherokee Elder Care, Tahlequah, LIFE PACE, Tulsa, and Valir PACE, Oklahoma City. The first PACE program opened in 2015 in Oklahoma, Cherokee Elder Care, and now over 600 individuals in the state are enrolled in PACE. The program is an option for anyone who is at least 55 years of age, certified as needing some level of nursing home level care by a Department of Human Services (DHS) nurse and lives safely in a home environment with the program’s service area. See our directory for contact information.