Adult Day Services

Elder Care Daybreak, Bartlesville.

LeadingAge Oklahoma represents aging service providers across the continuum, including adult day service providers. LeadingAge Oklahoma, in an effort to provide enhanced services, benefits and consumer awareness of this important segment of the continuum of care, will now complement their membership with the addition of the members of the Adult Day Services Association of Oklahoma. Our united voice will strengthen adult day services as we work together for the betterment of the profession.

The resources available on this website are meant to introduce you to Adult Day Services programs in Oklahoma. For more information about adult day services, contact us at

Consumer Information  Share this resource with consumers who are inquiring for adult day services to guide them in what they need to ask and learn about adult day health services.  Adult Day Services Evaluation Form click here.

“My mother, who is ninety years old, has been experiencing memory loss. Recently, she was hospitalized for a week and the loss became more severe. I knew she would not be able to live alone any longer, but because I needed to work I didn’t know what to do. Nursing home placement seemed to be an extreme measure because she was still able to do many things for herself. Adult Day Services was the answer to my prayers. I go to work each day while mother is safely cared for by the staff. She enjoys each day with friends, participating in activities, and eats nutritious meals. Attendance at day care has been a lifesaver for us.” Kathy Racklif

Directory of members that provide adult day services.

Membership Benefits Include:

  • Educational Conferences & Networking Opportunities
  • Advocacy & Public Policy Information
  • Access to Educational Materials & Resources

Members of LeadingAge Oklahoma are committed to:

  • Sharing information about adult day services
  • Encouraging high standards of care
  • Further development of adult day services in Oklahoma
  • Providing technical assistance & educational resources to those interested in adult day services
  • Supporting, encouraging and conducting research about adult day services in Oklahoma
  • Advocating for families who provide care to adults with disabilities

Membership Categories Include:

LeadingAge Oklahoma/LeadingAge:
Available to not-for-profit provider of aging services.

Subscriber member:  Available to for-profit providers of aging services

Dues are based on a millage system. Contact LeadingAge Oklahoma for dues information: .

“After a break to her hip and leg, it was impossible for our grandmother to maintain her independent lifestyle. Since it is every child’s dream to live with their grandparents, we seized the opportunity (even though it was more than 30 years later.) With the help of Adult
Day Care, we have been able to care for her in our homes for the past three years. With busy families and careers, this would have been an impossible task without the help of this wonderful facility and staff…We will never be able to express our gratitude to this service for allowing us and her great-grandchildren the blessings of spending these last years with our grandmother in our homes.” — The Family of Ina Enloe