Moving Forward…

The weeks turned into months, and the months turned into years…..and the long term care profession continued to demonstrate resilience, perseverance, and dedication. Each and every individual who is a part of this profession is to be recognized for their efforts in the midst of this unprecedented challenge. What has been accomplished is truly outstanding!

As providers move forward, there is so much to be proud of! Each and every resident, client, and family are the beneficiaries of your amazing work!


Unless you have a direct connection to long term care, you may not realize what these dedicated individuals have been dealing with. Weeks ago, long term care communities were closed to visitors, Every day the heroes of long term care go to work to care for those who rely on them for meals, caregiving, bathing, etc. Every day when they enter the doors of the community they are tasked with the tremendous job of bringing peace, comfort, and hope to their residents. In the absence of their families, these heroes are the residents’ entire world.

If you know someone in long term care, thank them. They need encouragement at a time that life could be very discouraging, they need hope at time when life can seem hopeless, and they need joy to continue to bring joy to these residents every day. These are considered essential workers, but that doesn’t begin to define our long term care professionals. We call them invaluable, indispensable, treasured individuals who are making sure your grandmother, aunt, father, or neighbor is cared for and loved every day. If you know someone who works in long term care, tell them they are a hero and that you know how very important their work is.

LeadingAge Oklahoma and LeadingAge are here for you, working on your behalf, advocating for the long term care profession now and for the years to come. At this critical time, we must ensure that the programs and services for all older adults have the support they need now! We need you to ACT for Older Adults. LINK

LeadingAge Oklahoma Meeting with Dr. Deborah Birx

On Sunday, August 16, Dr. Debroah Birx, White House Coronavirus Task Force Coordinator, met with representatives of LeadingAge Oklahoma and Baptist Village of Owasso during her visit to Oklahoma. The meeting was a very special opportunity for her to hear first-hand of the COVID-19 experience from the Administrator, Mitzi Epperson, staff member Amber Rasnake, nursing home resident Ruby Pittman, and CEO of Baptist Village Communities, Bill Pierce. Mary Brinkley and Vickie Rankin represented LeadingAge Oklahoma.

The discussion included many critical provider issues including PPE, staffing, visitation, the financial impact of the additional expenses incurred due to COVID-19, and testing. Also covered was the impact COVID-19 has had on residents, staff, and providers. Dr. Birx asked many important questions and shared her deep concern for the recent increase in cases in our state.

Dr. Birx took copious notes, asked many direct questions, and thanked all in attendance for the productive discussion. It was very evident that she is very concerned about the impact of COVID-19 on long term care, now and in the months ahead.

In light of the current COVID-19 crisis, LeadingAge Oklahoma is working on a revised calendar.  Please check individual events under our Education tab for current online and in-person events.

During this challenging time, we are here for you. Please stay in touch with us at with any needs or questions.

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LeadingAge Oklahoma is the recognition of the work our members do to design new programs for wellness, personal enrichment, and intergenerational connections. It acknowledges adoption of technology solutions and culture change. It encourages new kinds of community outreach to redefine the traditional role of provider and consumer partnerships to better meet the needs of those who wish to age in place. LeadingAge Oklahoma celebrates member engagement with education, policy making and leadership development.

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