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Baptist Village Communities has been with Thomas McGee since January of 2016.  Their team is very knowledgeable and have always been available to help us, especially in working our way through all of the requirements implemented in the past few years. They have been an excellent partner in helping us provide affordable medical coverage for our team members.

-Baptist Village Communities

Over the past several years, our members have expressed growing concern with the ever-increasing cost of health insurance.  LeadingAge Oklahoma is excited to announce a viable solution. We have partnered with Thomas McGee Group, a full-service brokerage firm based out of Kansas City, MO., to offer an opportunity for a medical captive health insurance program.  We believe this partnership will bring greater options for members of LeadingAge Oklahoma.

Many LeadingAge Oklahoma members access a “Fully Insured” health insurance plan for their employees.  These plans leave employers with little to no cost control, claims data or opportunity to manage costs outside of changing health carriers or reducing benefits. In addition to a host of fees, reporting requirements, and mandates most employers anticipate a significant surge in premium increases and compliance costs.

The good news: There is a better way! We have an opportunity to join this medical captive, partially self- insuring (protected by reinsurance) and sharing risk with other LeadingAge members.  Over the past seven years members who have joined the captive have proven savings when compared to a fully-insured program. In addition to cost-savings, captive members gain control of their health plan and improve their experience through peer-to-peer interaction, consultative guidance to design the benefits that fit best for their budget and employees, and assistance to manage the program based on actionable data.

From the employees’ point of view, everything looks and feels the same as the insurance they have now; standard ID cards, co-pays, “network” (sometimes even retaining the same network!).

This program is available to employers with at least 50 eligible employees.

For more information contact:

Tom English, Partner
Thomas McGee, L.C.
120 W. 12th Street, Suite 1000
Kansas City, MO  64105
Phone:  816-843-4480
Cell:  816-506-6008


Connor Francis, Risk Consultant
Thomas McGee, L.C.
120 W. 12th Street, Suite 1000
Kansas City, MO  64105
Phone:  816-843-4642
Cell:  816-812-0548