Program details, Eligibility and Steps to Participation


Program Details

LeadingAge Oklahoma has received a grant to implement Music and Memory programs in 100 nursing homes in Oklahoma. The grant covers all costs of participation, meaning this is a FREE opportunity to get Music and Memory certification and materials to begin this program.

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Any Medicare and/or Medicaid nursing home in Oklahoma is eligible to participate in this grant. LeadingAge Oklahoma membership is not a requirement. 

Exceptions: Hospital-based long term care beds and nursing homes with a primary focus on short stay residents are not eligible.

If your facility is not eligible to participate in the grant, you can still benefit from many of the resources and opportunities we are providing. See below for more information on Non-Grant Participants.

Steps to Participation

If you are eligible to participate in this grant, these are the steps to begin:

  1.  Contact us. Email to let us know you are interested.
  2.  Attend Orientation Webinar. After you have contacted us about your interest, you will be added to the distribution list to receive details about these webinars. Materials from past webinars are available on the Resources page.
  3.  Complete Participation Agreement. Following the webinar, if you decide to commit to this program, you will fill out and submit the Participation Agreement  and a $250 deposit. This deposit will be fully refunded at the end of the grant period, once all program requirements are met.
  4. Complete Music and Memory Certification Training. The cost of this training is covered by the grant funding. Your entire team must participate in all sessions of the training.
  5.  Receive Materials. Your iPods, headphones, iTunes gift card, and other materials will be mailed to you directly to begin implementation. These will be sent as soon as all Phase II Participants complete certification training.
  6. Begin implementation! Identify 20 residents that could benefit from this program, based on what you learned during certification. Use the Music Assessment Questionnaire, available from the Music and Memory website, to develop individualized playlists for these residents, and begin using the iPods and other materials as instructed during Music and Memory Certification Training.
  7. Stay in Touch! Throughout the grant period, LeadingAge Oklahoma will continue to provide you with resources and training opportunities. You will need to participate in our monthly webinars, focusing on effective implementation strategies. There will also be two in-person seminars, free to two members of your team. We will continue to post and email you additional information as it becomes available.
  8. Involve your community! In addition to educational resources, LeadingAge Oklahoma will provide you with tools, resources, and tips for fundraising efforts to expand and continue this program beyond the grant period, as well as recruiting volunteers to help with the day-to-day practices of the program. Students, family, and community members can all get involved in making this a success.

Non-Grant Participants

While the grant is strictly for Oklahoma Medicare and/or Medicaid nursing homes, LeadingAge Oklahoma is encouraging all senior care providers to participate in Music and Memory and the Oklahoma implementation. The Non-Grant Participation Process outlines the steps involved in joining this program separate from the grant funding. If you choose to join this program, you will need to fill out this Non-Grant Participation Agreement.

Read the Participation Details  to determine if this program is right for your facility, even if it is not eligible under the grant. If this is the case, you may register and pay for Music and Memory Certification  independently, without financial support from LeadingAge Oklahoma. However, your facility can benefit from participating with LeadingAge Oklahoma, without grant funding.

Non-grant participants may participate in the LeadingAge Oklahoma grant-sponsored monthly webinars and educational seminars at a cost of $250 per community/organization. The $250 allows for:

• Two staff to attend two dementia seminars during the grant period (CEUs available for an extra fee).
• Access to the LeadingAge Oklahoma monthly webinars.
• Program updates and provider networking to enhance implementation at your community/organization.

Be sure to read the available documents and resources, as well as the FAQ page for more details.

Contact with any questions, or to request to join us either as a Nursing Home Grant Participant, or as a Non-Grant Participant.

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