Conference Presentations 2018

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March 6 – Long Term Care
  Bob Lane – How Does Your Community Measure Up
  Julie & Julie – Is Your Revenue a Fixer Upper
  Leah Killian Smith – New Survey Process
  Ray Miller – Using Transformational Change
March 6 – Activities for Independent Living
  Kathy Goff – Increasing Creativity
March 6 – Adult Day
  Miranda Kieffer and Melissa Gituma HCBS
  Peter N. – Lessons from Successful Programs
  Peter N. – Framing Future of Adult Day
March 6 – Assisted Living
  Jeff Anderzhon & Dan Schindhelm – Memory Care
  Mike Marlow – Atypical and Effective Selling Behaviors
  Mike Siegel – Pricing and Profitability
March 6 – Home Care Administration
  Peter N. – Home Health Conditions
  Ray Miller – Using Transformational Change
March 6 – Housing
  Karen Orsi – Older Americans Issue
  Karen Orsi – Suicide
  Ray Miller – Bullying Not Just on the Playground
  Woodrow Colbert – Understanding Reasonable Accomodation
March 6 – Social Services
  Laura Garrett – Effective Communication
  Lois – Social Service Talk
March 7 – Long Term Care
  E. Roberts – Dementia Care
  Jackie Nordhoff – Retaining Talent
  Paul McManus – Common E-Tags
  Paul McManus – Emergency Preparedness
  Paul McManus – EPP Policies and Planning Sample
  Paul McManus – Stop Over Point Survey Tool
  Wayne Pettigrew – Benefits Compliance
March 7 – Nursing
  Cheri Lipscomb – Composite Score Flyer
  Cheri Lipscomb – Creating Actionable Insight
  Cheri Lipscomb – MDS manual
  John Leon – Nuts and Bolts of QAPI
  Leah Killian Smith – Competencies & Skills
  Leah Killian Smith – Requirements of Participation
  William Vaughan – Trends in Pharmacy
March 7 – Activity Director 
  S. Kneisler – Dementia Care
  S. Kneisler – Developing Individual Focused Life Pt. 1
  S. Kneisler – Developing Individual Focused Life Pt. 2
March 7 – Dining  
  Joyce Lamilla – In Compliance
March 7 – Environmental Services  
  Paul McManus – Env Serv
  Paul McManus – HVA Scoring Tool
  Paul McManus – OK City HVA
  Paul McManus – Sample EOP Training Program
  Paul McManus – Staff Competency
  Paul McManus – Tornado Disaster Drill Outline
  Ray Miller – Maintenance and EVS Roles