Conference Handouts 2019

March 12 – Activities of Independent Living Wellness
  Agenda AIL
  Eval AIL
  Tubman, Andy
March 12 – Adult Day
  Agenda ADH
  Camp, Toni – Marketing
  Camp, Toni – Money
  Camp, Toni – Programming
  Eval ADH
  Lambeth, Brenda
  NAB Evaluation ADH
March 12 – Assisted Living
  Agenda AL
  Brennan, Elise
  Dickie, Steve
  Eval AL
  NAB Evaluation AL
March 12 – Housing
  Agenda HS
  Colbert, Woodrow
  Eval HS
  Garrett, Laura
  Jackson, Jeff
  King, Brian
  Morey, Stacy
March 12 – Long Term Care 1
  Agenda LTC1
  Bennett, Theresa
  Eval LTC1
  Killian-Smith, Leah
  Klusch, Leah
  NAB Evaluation LTC1
March 12 – Social Services
  Agenda Soc Serv.
  Cox, Shirley – End of Life
  Cox, Shirley – End of Life
  Cox, Shirley – POLST
  Eval Soc Serv.
  Killian-Smith, Leah
  O’Kane, Patrick
  Talamonti, Christina – Saying I’m Sorry
  Discharge Notice Sample
March 13 – Activity Director
  Agenda ACT
  Eval ACT Dir
  Thoma, Mary
March 13 – Dining Services
  Agenda DS
  Clark, Beverly – CMS Kitchen
  Clark, Beverly – CMS Training Resources
  Clark, Beverly
  Eval DS
  Silver, Max
March 13 – Environmental Services
  Agenda ENV
  Eval ENV
  Strange, David – Laundry
  Strange, David – Maintenance
March 13 – Home Care Administration
  Agenda HC
  Eval HC
  Marlow, Michael – Dixie Sopes
  Marlow, Michael
  Marlow, Michael – Sales Success
  NAB Evaluation HCAR
  Wilsie, Gara
March 13 – Long Term Care 2
  Agenda LTC2
  Eval LTC2
  NAB Evaluation LTC2
  Talamonti, Christina
  Wilsie, Gara
March 13 – Nursing
  Agenda NS
  Eval NS
  Garza, Hennie
  Killian-Smith, Leah – Individual Resident Wound Audit Tool
  Killian-Smith, Leah
  Klusch, Leah
  NAB Eval NS
  Reyman, Micki
  Smith, Carla – Antibiotic
  Smith, Carla – CDC
  Smith, Carla – Infection

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